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Massage School

The first School of Aesthetic Massage in the world, uniting inside it occidental medicine, psychology,
massage and art. Developed by Elena Zemskova.

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About us

The community of our Massage School understands that the extremely fast development of technology and, in particular, of artificial intelligence, presents for humanity an uncertainty about the reality of all that is happening around us – either in science, in art, or in our everyday lives. Our sight, hearing, taste and sense of smell often betray us, and only by touching one another can we be sure that we really exist. Our body remembers everything, and allows us to feel alive.

Touch is the most honest of the senses, and it helps us to find the security and the inner strength in an unstable world, which then leads to a betterment of a

person's life – to an improved resistance to stress, to better health, to a rejuvenation of their appearance and a refreshment of the body. For this reason, 25 years ago, we have created the first School of Aesthetic Massage in the world, uniting inside it occidental medicine, psychology, massage and art. We have dedicated all these years to the study of touch and to the practice of massage as an anti-age therapy for the body and face.

Our approach is unique as we believe massage to be not only a physio-therapeutic procedure, but also a practice of relaxation which helps with:

  • somatic abilities
  • a positive facial expression, preventing the solidification of wrinkles and the gravitational ptosis, a lifting of the soft tissues of the face, a change in the perception of the body and an improvement of the locomotor system's mobility, a decrease in psychosomatic pains and other
  • psycho-emotional abilities
  • a sense of calm, the absence of anxiety and a high adaptability
  • cognitive abilities
  • attention, concentration and memory.


Each massage is individual and takes into consideration the particularities of the face and body's aging process of each concrete person. Our biggest success are the face massage methodologies which have no other analogy in the world (Hiromassage IQ, Blepharolift, Face of Nefertiti, SMAS-lifting massage, Reconstruction Massage and others). All the techniques are targeted towards a visual demonstration of a rejuvenation “here and now” (the “wow” effect – it is possible to show the client the lifting of the soft tissues of the face and the change of the face's proportions already after just 15 minutes), as well as towards preventing the changes connected to the aging process in a person's appearance.
Elena Zemskova is a programmer, nurse, cosmetologist, massage teacher, and an expert in the anti-age massage therapy both for the body and the face.

In the year of 1998 she has founded the first School of Esthetic Massage in the world, and in it has united massage, science, aesthetics and art. She is a massage teacher with 25 years of experience, and has created 10 techniques of anti-age massage for the face and 4 techniques targeted towards the correction of the silhouette and weight loss for the body. All her techniques
make possible achieving and showing to the client a “wow” effect after only 15 minutes, and are oriented not only towards the mutation of the physical aspects, but towards increasing the resistance to stress and development of the brain as well – for example the improvement of memory, concentration and attention, and the decrease in anxiety and tension.

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